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visit and free advice

 Experts from Rahnemoon Sanat Shideh Company are ready to visit and offer free advice on the implementation of solar power projects to their customers.

Design and computing

 Since design and computing are the most important part of the implementation of solar power projects.  Experts from Rahnemoon Sanat Shideh Company will do their best to improve the efficiency of solar power systems, taking into account the geographic and climatic conditions of different regions of the country.

Supply of equipment

 Rahnemoon Sanat Shideh sales department is ready to supply solar power equipment such as panels, inverters , controller chargers, batteries, etc. in various capacities and with credible domestic and foreign brands.

Plan to supply 20% of electricity consumed by the organs

According to the State Department letter of commitment to require state agencies and institutions to provide up to 20% of their energy from renewable energy sources, Rahnemoon Sanat Shideh is prepared to sign contracts with government agencies and organizations to engage in implementation. Solar power projects announced.

Power plants connected to the network

Considering the government’s incentive to use renewable energy and guaranteed purchasing of electricity by the Ministry of Energy, the construction of solar power plants at domestic, intermediate and large levels is an appropriate way to invest in the private sector in the country’s energy and power sector. is.

Solar Power Package

 Rahnemoon sanat Shideh Company is ready to install various types of solar power packages in different capacities and in line with the needs of its customers in the country and offer solar power equipment a sustainable and sustainable solution for supplying electricity to garden, villa and wells.

   Rahnemoon Sanat Shideh .LTV

  1. Rahnemoon Sanat Shideh Co (RSS). was established in 2016 with the approach to the production and export of renewable energy technology.
  2. Our company, with the history of highly successful cooperation with the major German companies in the field of construction machinery and technology transfer, developing markets with companies such as Liebherr and Deutz and Zauer, Rexroth intends to implement this successful solar energy experience.
  3. Currently, solar power plants have been negotiated indirectly with German companies.

300 sunny days


1600,000 km2


2.8 GW in 2030

Iran potential:

– With over 300 sunny days and an average of 2800 hours of sunshine, Iran is considered one of the best countries for producing and using solar energy.

– Iran’s total area is around 1600,000 km2 or 1.6 × 1012 m2 with about 300 clear sunny days in a year and an average 2200 kW-h solar radiation per square meter. Considering only 1% of the total area with 10% system efficiency for solar energy harness, about 9 million MW h of energy can be obtained in a day.

– The government’s goal on 2012 was to install 53,000 MW capacity plants for electricity generation.  The existing small capacity solar energy plants are in Shiraz, Semnan, Taleghan, Yazd, Tehran and Khorasan.

– These huge RES’s potential can be realized assuming the availability of technology, investment capital, human expertise and the other resources along with a long-term driven renewable energy policy. Due to high growth rate of electricity demand in Iran, the nominal installed capacity has increased by 8.9% per annum during 2001 – 2007. In the reference scenario, the share of RES in total installed electricity capacity is expected to be about 2% in 2030. It is expected that the cumulative RES installed capacity will reach 2.8 GW in 2030.

– This potential and the incentives offered by the government have provided worthy opportunities for investing in this field.

Why us

 about Rahnemoon sanat shide team (potential)

1- Managers of the company provide courses and internships for 1.5 years at krupp foerdertechnik gmbh in Germany
2. Experience in the field of technology transfer and production of road construction products (excavator, crane, bulldozer, etc.) with liebherr one of best German Company .
3. Strong business communication with large companies such as Deutz and Zauer, Rexroth in the field of buying and using their products in Hepco (Heavy Equipment Production Co.) indigenous road construction products.
4. A private company with a high reputation as a consultant and as the official consultant for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) industries of the Markazi state, we have a good connection with the implementation of solar energy projects for government departments.
5. The geographic location of Markazi province from the viewpoint of the market and the projects of the center and south of Iran.
6. Patent registration of a new method by a member of our company at the University of Toronto
7. Possibility of good communication between the company’s managers and obtaining a memorandum of cooperation for the establishment of a research center and the production of solar cells.

Darush Rahmatnejad

Darush Rahmatnejad

Reza Badkoobeh

Reza Badkoobeh

Chairman of the Board
Wahid Shams Kolahi

Wahid Shams Kolahi

R&D Manager
 adegh Rashidi

adegh Rashidi

Marketing Managment

our mission:

At present, our company has 20 mw of projects (in invoice step) and Negotiation to produce a structure of the 50 MW solar power plant in Markazi State.
Rahnemoon Sanat shideh is committed to provide high quality products from top world manufactures. we want to joined forces with German Company to offer innovative turnkey installation (EPC) to clients in Iran. We are following the last technologies and installation methods and we want to plan to jointly start manufacturing of mounting system in Iran for distribution in Iran & middle East region.

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